Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Angels & Airwaves

Monday I got to do something that was a little more exciting than normal. One of my favorite bands is Angels & Airwaves. The band is made up of Tom Delonge (Blink 182, Box Car Racer), Matt Wachter (30 Seconds to Mars), Atom Willard (The Offspring), and David Kennedy (Box Car Racer). So Danielle and I got to go to KTCL and listen to the "Garage Session" which is when the guys talked to one of the DJs and played a few songs before the show. It was SO awesome to hear them live! After the garage session was over, they came and hung out with us and the other listeners. They were so laid back and weren't the least bit arrogant. They were having fun signing autographs, and Atom ended up drawing faces and hats on a lot of the pictures. David seemed to be particularly fond of me, and left me a nice note and picture on my poster. Here are some pictures from the signing..

Tom signing my picture

Atom drawing a Pope hat on himself



David, Matt, Tom, and Atom. Matt wanted to make sure we all knew that he is 4 inches taller than Atom, even though it doesn't look this way in the picture.