Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Thursday started out as a pretty normal day. I woke up exhausted, but put on my gym clothes to head out for the gym. I could hear cars outside my window, and recognized the sound of tires on pavement- not tires sliding in slush. I peeked outside and let out a sigh of releif that we hadn't gotten the "8+ inches" the news had promised. Phew.

So I packed up my stuff (I get ready for work at the gym, due to it being 15 minutes from my house in the direction on the salon), and poured myself some Kashi. Shortly after I head that Cherry Creek School District had cancelled school on account of it being a snow day. But where was the snow? It certainly wasn't at my house. It turns out that the storm was supposedly delayed, and expected around noon. A storm big enough to cancel school, even before it had started? I got a little nervous. I headed to the gym (which is west, toward the mountains) and as I got closer there was a little more snow. The gym is basically all windows, so while running on the treadmill I could see that the wind was picking up and the snow was coming down. Within an hour it was coming down hard.. I got a call from the salon saying that all but one of my clients had called in to cancel. The salon is even further west, and they were already experiencing a white out. I haven't had a snow day since Texas, what a fun surprise! I continued to workout because really, a snow day means a lazy day with plenty of junk food. After over 2 hours of cardio, and watching the storm blow in I headed out.

I now understand what a "white out" is. I could barely see the car in front of me, and was dying of heat with my defrost blasting. Cars were all over the road.. hazards blinking, tons of cars stranded on the side of the road. My usual 15 minute drive turned into over an hour. I live at the top of a hill which was scary in itself, since that same hill takes you to the freeway and there was mass confusion due to stoplights without power. It turned out that everyone got sent home from work at the same time.

By the time I got home Victoria had found out she was off of work too. What a lazy day. We watched tv, surfed the net, took naps.. just about everything. I was highly disappointed that both Ellen and Oprah had been replaced with local news and the latest blizzard report. Around 8 we couldn't take the silence anymore. We called every restaurant within a mile to see if we could get out of the house. The only thing open was Old Chicago so we got to eat some delicious pizza and watch basketball. There was no one on the roads by that time so the ride was slow but not too scary. I can say I've survived my first (and hopefully last?!) blizzard!

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