Friday, June 26, 2009

A little late...

For those of you who don't know, Salon Foushee is moving. And by moving, I mean it already moved. The original plan included us working through tomorrow, and moving after work. However, due to issues with the landlord we are completely out of the Coal Mine location and will be reopening on July 1st at the new Belleview location. I will post pictures as soon as we have everything into place!

While caught up in all of this craziness going on, I never made a Father's Day post! It is a little late, but I think it is only fair because Eric came into my life a little late! Just kidding Eric, but I love you tons! I am going to try and squeeze out 20 facts that I know about this awesome man.

1. He is great on the grill! I love his ribs, but he makes a lot of other great stuff on there too.

2. He loves the show According to Jim, and in so many ways reminds me of Jim Belushi.

3. dubbed the song Just Another Day In Paradise as our family song.

4. he can build/design/remodel ANYTHING,

5. his feet are pretty "damn" hot.

6. he doesn't like celery.

7. he gets along with EVERYONE

8. In highschool when I encountered a few minor fender benders, I always called him first because I knew he'd be calm and help me calm down.

9. He loves football, especially the University of Utah.

10. He served his mission in Tennessee. His younger brother also served in the same mission at the same time.

11. he does a great impression of "Bruce."

12. his pies are DELICIOUS! He once gave my sister Aubrie and our cousin Brittany and their dates pie making lessons.

13. he enjoys camping and fishing

14. once we went to St. George for spring break, and he created this awesome game that entertained us for over an hour. The game consisted of who could make it to the end of the hall without making the motion sensor light flash.

15. He likes chick flicks, and even watched Twilight with us last time I was in SLC.

16. In addition to all of the other delicious food he makes, he makes really great breakfast. I love, love, love his hashbrowns.

17. When we all lived at home and went to church together, after the sacrament he would pass out the flourescent green spearmint gum to our whole row.

18. He hasn't really figured out facebook yet and on his birthday thanked everyone for the birthday wishes signed in under my moms name.

19. he loves being a grandpa and his grandkids love how silly he is

20. And most importantly, he makes my mom so very happy! He is such a great husband to her, and such a great example to my little sisters.

I love you Eric, and I hope you had a great time on your trip!

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Melody said...

Wow! That was awesome. I think we both kind of quit checking your blog since you hadn't posted anything in such a long time. I will let Eric know it is here. I love that you love him so much. You are an awesome daughter! We miss you!