Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I am fortunate to work in a career that I am passionate about with an amazing group of women. While I am able to pick what I do, and where I choose to work, I don't always to get to choose who I work on. There's the clients who are always late, the ones who cancel two minutes after their appointment was supposed to start, have gobs of unruly hair, still style their hair like they're in the 80's no matter what I do to it, the ones that make unreasonable requests (while I can make your hair look like Jessica Biel's, the body and face are not included), or the ones that downright just aren't people I would normally choose to spend time with. Luckily, the good ones far outweigh the bad. I have found an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from many of my clients. My experiences with these clients remind me why I do what I do.

Last week, one specific client came in with a brilliant idea. I'm not talking a picture of Scarlet Jo's new bob, or a fiery new color, but an idea that I have been thinking about since she was in. As we were talking about the new year and our new years resolution, she explained that she was going to become a new and improved, or 2.0, version of herself. Not different, not so far out of her element, but give 110% and get the most out of everything she does. I loved the concept and have been thinking of ways to create kara t 2.011 in 2011.

I love New Years Resolutions. Don't you? I am the master of goal setting/goal accomplishing. It could be my stubborn nature, or my ridiculous strong will, but while I don't consider myself competitive- I love a good challenge if it is against myself. I try to put myself out of my element every day, always progressing, evolving, improving, and learning. I love that the quote that says, "Life isn't about finding yourself, but creating yourself."

In 2011, I hope to create a better Kara T. I refuse to declare anything as "the best ever," but always as "the best yet." 2010 for me was a revolutionary year. Because of the hard work I put in, I was able to accomplish goals that even five years ago seemed completely out of reach. As I have entered this year I know that I am a stronger, more confident person and ready to tackle a lot of different areas of my life.

In 2011, I want to do things I have never done before. So far I have gone to my first Avalanche game and tried hot yoga (loved it). Not bad for two weeks in. I am also hoping to go to Europe, or at least travel somewhere I have never been. Of course my my biggest challenge is to run the marathon in May. If you could do something new this year, what would it be?

While I tend to be extremely OCD in some areas of my life, I am pretty messy. I like a clean kitchen. I don't really leave a whole lot out around the apartment, but during the week I tend to collect piles of clothes and "stuff" around my room leaving me a weekend of cleaning. I have realized that the biggest problem is that I have too much stuff. I house sat for one of my clients a few months ago, and was impressed with how immaculate her house was. I observed it was because they had no clutter, because there was nothing to be clutter. Not only do I was to get organized, I want to simplify my life. I feel like if I can let go of a lot of my "stuff," I can learn that to live with fewer "things." Until I have a house of my own, I don't really have use for a lot of the things that tend to collect in my closet.

In addition: I want to improve some relationships I have with friends, be a better listener, eat cleaner (so far, so good), grow spiritually, update my blog more often, broaden my social activities, be more on time for social activities, keep up on the yoga and stretching, read(books) more often, attend more sporting events, see more of Colorado, and learn not to let little things get to me. It is fun to think of where I will be at this time next year.

Did anyone else make resolutions?


Melody said...

I'm thinking I should resolve to become more like my my daughter!

kay.tee. said...

That's funny because I am always trying to be more like my mother!