Friday, April 3, 2009


Erica said...

Very interesting. You should really read The Omnivore's Dilemma if you haven't already, it's fascinating and talks a lot about HFCS and other food processing. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Have you seen the HFCS commercials? They are crazy.

SUCH PROPAGANDA. It's interesting because Tom and I were just reading this thing about brown sugar. Apparently, the sugar industry didn't want people eating brown sugar because it was taking away from their sales, so they started this campaign trying to convince people that brown sugar is bad for them. Here is a quote from wikipedia about it:

In the late 1800s, the newly consolidated refined white sugar industry, which did not have full control over brown sugar production, mounted a smear campaign against brown sugar, reproducing microscopic photographs of harmless but repulsive-looking microbes living in brown sugar. The effort was so successful that by 1900, a best-selling cookbook warned that brown sugar was of inferior quality and was susceptible to infestation by "a minute insect."

It's amazing what a corporation can try to make us think. High fructose corn sugar is terrible for you, I'm glad that you are working to eliminate it from your diet. We have been trying for a while, but have not been able to do it 100% quite yet. It's in everything!

derek Mc said...

so, i was totally gunna get a hair cutty from you lst wk but i forgot. i went to floyd's and got hem'd up. hi btw!