Friday, February 25, 2011

fill in the blank

I saw this on another blog and thought it would be fun.

1. I am currently obsessed with macadamia nuts and bananas. Sometimes eaten together. I think the nuts might be coated in crack.

2. Today I am annoyed because my toes took a beating during my run. Poor things are blistered and I keep knocking them on things.

3. The age I am is 24 and the age I feel is 20, the same age I was when I moved to Colorado. Sometimes I forget that I'm still aging. And then again, sometimes I feel like an old person with aches and pains + turning down plans to sleep.

4. My favorite place is Costco. There's nothing that you can't find there. I go 1-2 times a week and stock up on spinach, broccoli, rotisserie chicken, turkey breast, organic meat, baked apple chips, almond butter, or whatever my little heart desires.

5. Something I have been procrastinating is refolding the clothes on the shelf in my closet. I'm going to tackle that one today. After I catch up on my blog reading.

6. The last thing I purchased was some workout shirts from TJ Maxx. That place is dangerous.

7. The thing I love most about my home is that it's the perfect size of a city. Denver is big enough to have awesome concerts, cool restaurants/stores, but small enough to have it's own charm. I can drive across the city in like 10 minutes, yet still get lost if I try a different route. I love the people, the culture, and the scenery.

Part of why I posted this is because I had a pretty boring week. Got to the gym late on Monday, was thrilled that Ashley spent Presidents Day skiing and decided to come to get her run on a little later in the evening too. It's nice to have a friend to encourage me, and to help pass the time. Wednesday I did a "speed workout" which was more of a "I don't want to do this so I'll bust it out as quick as possible so I can be done" workout. That made for sore legs on Thursday. I've been doing this Zen Strength class on Thursdays that I have decided I like. It's kind of zumba/pilates/kickboxing/a bunch of old ladies dancing around. After I changed my running schedule I decided it was worth checking out. It's done with 3 pound weights, and your arms are up for long periods of time. It makes my shoulders burn! But more than anything I feel like it helps me stretch my hip flexors and gets me moving in a different way than I would on my own. Best of all, my legs still feel good on Friday.

Speaking of, I ended up getting out of bed a little later today and didn't have a whole lot of time to procrastinate my run. I fixed breakfast, stretched, prepared my Lara Bar/coconut juice, and headed to the gym. I had considered running at Highline today, but it was like 22 degrees at 11:30 when I finally made it out the door. Thankfully, I didn't have too much time to stew about it beforehand but still had major butterflies. I put some new songs into my running playlist this morning and was pretty excited to take on the challenge of 12 miles. I ended up adding another 1.1 at the end walking uphill, just so I could reach a half marathon distance. Even with adding that I finished in under 2 hours which is my goal for the Platte. It feels good to know I'm on track!

ran 4.5 miles, arms, chest, back
ran 6 miles, arms, 10 on elliptical
stair climber @ level 10 for 30 minutes, elliptical for 30
ran 4.5 miles, arms, abs
30 minutes elliptical, abs, Zen Strength
ran 12 miles, arms, chest, back, abs, elliptical for 15 minutes

Super excited for this coming week! Joshua Radin on Monday, Chase comes home on Friday!!!!!!!!!!

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