Monday, October 6, 2008

some changes

Last night I was able to go to an AMAZING concert!! The show was Tokyo Police Club, Angels & Airwaves, and Weezer. Even though Weezer was the headlining band, I went to see Angels & Airwaves which is one of my all time favorite bands. All three bands did an amazing job, and Weezer played for over an hour and a half! I went with Kara F, Danielle, and Stephanie. Danielle is a freak for Tom Delong and his side belt. She was like me at and NSYNC concert! And it was Stephanie's first real concert, so it was cool to have it be such a big one! I also got a DVD called Behind The Machine which is some Angels & Airwaves situation, but I haven't had time to scope it out.

I am getting to go to Salt Lake again this week. I leave on Wednesday night and stay clear til Monday evening. I am going because ofne of my best friends from highschool, Teresa, is getting married. I am doing her hair and make-up and am VERY excited about it! I am also really excited to see my family. While I am there, there is going to be a celebration for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! 50 years! That is a VERY long time these days!!

So, for the big change going on. As you may or may not know, I had a new roommate move in the middle of July. She called me the VERY day that I had told the relief society president that I was looking for someone, and everything worked out perfect. Well it turned out that she is married, and is a military wife. Due to the training program her husband is in, she hasn't been allowed to live with her husband... Well, until now. Cary got to go to Florida to see her husband 2 weekends ago, and when she came home last Monday she let me know that she's moving to Portland on the 10th. So at first I kind of freaked out. I mean, really, this is huge for Cary. How exciting! She gets to live with her husband! But of course I was being selfish and wondering what I was going to do about a roommate. I mean really, with such short notice?

So I decided to venture on to Craigslist. My mom warned me to be careful, and I found out why way too quickly. After reading ads that claimed "non smoker, 420 friendly" and a man looking for a "female roommate, employed, big boobs" I was getting concerned. Some ads included pictures, many were sob stories of unemployed single moms.. What a cluster. And then I stumbled upon an ad with Mormon in the title. Phew. I quickly responded to the girl who was looking for a female roommate with similar standards, and anxiously awaited her reply. After exchanging a few emails, befriending each other on facebook, and finally meeting her tonight.. I found a new roommate! She seems really cool, and I am really excited to have her move in. I am still really sad that Cary is leaving, but I am also excited for Victoria to move in. She'll be here November 2nd, so I have a few weeks to enjoy some solitude!

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