Saturday, September 27, 2008


Food is by far one of my favorite things. I grew up with my mom making the most delicious homemade bread.. She is an incredible cook! At Thanksgiving and Christmas, her and my dad make tons of pies.. Cream cheese-pecan being my favorite. They are both really great in the kitchen (and on the grill!), which is a huge reason I have such a deep love for food. Unfortunately, due to enjoying too much food in the past.. I don't let myself indulge as often as I'd like now. Even though I keep my meals pretty healthy now, one thing I love to do is bake. I'm known for my Hersheys Kiss filled cookies, and am always bringing in some sort of treats to the salon.

I've been buckling down on my diet, so treats haven't really been an option for a little while. However, I thought it would be a good idea yesterday to look at some recipe blogs. Okay.. maybe that isn't the best idea when you are abstaining from sugar. But I found myself hooked on a few recipe blogs salivating all over my keyboard..

I added a tab on the side of my blog with links to some of the websites that I love to get recipes from, being my favorite. I'm going to be doing a lot of baking towards the holidays so hopefully I'll have some pictures to share. If you have any uber-tasty recipes to share, please let me know!


Melody said...

Thanks for the nice comments about our cooking. We would love to have you home so we could cook for you. We really don't cook nearly as much as we used to. I'm sure it is due to being so busy and not having as many mouths to feed. We love and miss you!
Mom and Eric

Brooke said...

Kara, I remember you sharing your incredible hershey kiss cookies with me and the recipe. Thank you!! I LOVE to bake as well, though I haven't baked in a while. Since you blogged about baking and shared your favorite sites, I am going to check them out. BTW, Danny comes home this week.