Friday, January 9, 2009

car shopping

How frustrating. You would think in this economy, dealerships would be giving cars away.. I have been test driving, haggling, and I am totally burnt out. I found a car that I love, but the dealer just won't meet me at a reasonable price. He's definitely missing out on an awesome sale. So everyone cross your fingers that I will find something awesome and get a great deal on it.

2 of my very favorite shows started this week. The Biggest Loser is on Tuesday nights, and Real World is on Wednesday. There's nothing like watching a bunch of overweight sweaty people get yelled at by their overly athletic fitness coaches. The first few episodes are kind of hard to watch for me, but I love seeing everyone change over the 10 weeks. It's very motivating for me! And who doesn't love The Real World? Drama, drama, drama. This season there are 2 people from Salt Lake (they both went to East High), one is Mormon and one is not. I think they thought that would cause more drama than it probably will, but it's hard to tell so soon. Oh and American Idol starts on Tuesday! The auditions are always hilarious, and it's fun to guess which of the good people will make it through to the top 12(?). And a little birdie told me that a dear friend of mine makes it through to Hollywood. And no, that friend is NOT David Osmond. Just wait, she'll knock your socks off I'm sure.

This is random but I gave up sweets for the new year. If you know me, you know that I am a chocoholic.. but so far it's going really well! No crazy cravings, other than seeing a lot of recipes that I would love to whip up. My original plan was to only eat them on holidays and vacations, but I am in a little bit of a competition with a friend, so we will see how long I can go.

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